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We are transforming healthcare systems

With our platform, we improve the efficiency of the healthcare worker by 25%, reducing patient follow-up calls, providing automatic vital signs and reducing the time spent by the healthcare worker at the patient’s home.

For the centers, by transferring care from the hospital to the home using our solution, we reduce the number of hospital admissions and shorten their duration.

Impulsamos la medicina preventiva

Another differential value, as our platform allows the clinician to know the patient’s status in real time, they can anticipate up to 48 hours before making clinical decisions such as changes in treatment, transfers to the hospital or new analytical tests.

We also help to improve the quality of care because the patient feels safer.


Who makes it possible

Vitio is composed of a world-class team of engineers, developers, designers and technicians. Our team has solid technological, medical and business experience.

Rubén Anaut

Rubén Anaut Domeño


Jesús Redrado

Co-founder & CTO

Miguel Goyena

Miguel Goyena García-tuñón

Team Lead

Aitor Eguzkitza

Aitor Eguzkiza Diego

Digital Health Architech

Javier Hernández Zaratiegui

Fullstack Developer

Agustín Herrera García

Frontend Developer

José Luis Soler

José Luis Soler del Toro

Product Design & Head of Design

Juan Mari Pérez

Juan Mari Pérez Azpeitia

Quality Manager

Ariana Juguera Jiménez

Legal & Finance Assistant