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Our medical device allows real-time and remote control of the body temperature of patients.

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Uses of Continuous Body Temperature Monitoring

Clinical follow-up of patients

A useful solution for monitoring patients with infectious, hematological and oncological diseases, as well as post-surgical patients.


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Specialists in remote monitoring of patients

Vitio helps healthcare companies such as clinics and hospitals, pharmaceutical and insurance companies to increase efficiency and improve patient care.

Our products

Continous wearable thermometer

Our medical device monitors temperature 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Telehealth monitoring platform

Our platform monitors the main vitals signs through high-precision medical devices.

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Integration using API and SDK

Integrate our solution into your app or web easily thanks to our powerful API.

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Hospitals and clinics

Increase the productivity of your team, minimize the human error, avoid readmissions by anticipating decisions and reduce the average stay in your hospital or clinic.

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Pharmaceuticals and CROs

We facilitate clinical studies allowing 24/7 monitoring of patients. We enhance adherence to treatment and facilitate follow-up. Obtain valuable data on drug use.

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Insurance companies

Build customer loyalty and attract new customers, optimize resources, reduce claims costs and obtain valuable information.

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Software development companies

Our platform is easily integrated into any type of technological solution using SDK or via API.

How we help companies and organizations

Use cases

Hospital Universitario de Navarra

Implementation of continuous patient monitoring system of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.